Fire Up the Flavor

We sell top-tier wood pellets to clients all over the Marion, IA area

Want to step up your grilling game? Buffalo Creek Outdoors can help. We sell a variety of Traeger wood pellets to clients in Marion, IA and the Cedar Rapids area. You can use our pellets for grilling, roasting, baking or smoking.

Not sure which flavor to choose? We can help you select the right blend for your next meal. Order your wood pellets today.

Find pellets that pack a punch

Don't settle for a generic wood pellet blend. Choose from our wide range of Traeger wood pellets. We offer the following flavors:

  • Alder BBQ
  • Apple BBQ
  • Cherry BBQ
  • Hickory BBQ
  • Maple BBQ
  • Mesquite BBQ
  • Oak BBQ
  • Pecan BBQ
  • Signature Blend BBQ
  • Texas Beef Blend BBQ
  • Turkey BBQ
  • Realtree Big Game

Whether you're grilling chicken, steak, pork or fish, we have a pellet blend that will give your meat the perfect smoky flavor. Contact Buffalo Creek Outdoors in Marion, IA today to get top-quality wood pellets.